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You can choose your energy provider

Connecticut is deregulated which means that you have the power to choose your electricity or gas provider. While having choices is great, sometimes it can be a little overwhelming. Researching various providers, plans, rates, and terms can be time-consuming, stressful, and you feel in over your head not knowing if you made the right decision.

Recommended Electricity Rates for Stamford, CT

Why CT Energy Ratings beats Energize CT

There are multiple sites claiming to help you save time and money by helping you shop and compare for your electricity provider but not all sites are created equal.

Energize CT's main focus is teaching the residents of Connecticut about energy efficiency and how to make smarter energy choices. While teaching consumers how to better manage their energy use is a great goal, their site is lacking in other areas. The site does little to help consumers effectively shop and compare for electricity or gas providers. In order to use their site, you almost have to be versed in the energy market. The site states to contact individual suppliers to confirm offers and terms before enrolling and does not allow you to enroll from their platform which defeats the purpose of using their site in efforts to save time and confusion.

At CT Energy Ratings our goal is to make the process of finding an electricity or gas provider stress-free. We do this by highlighting and recommending specific plans that best fit your needs and help you save money. CT Energy Ratings features real reviews from consumers which help them pick the best rate and plan. Since 2009, we've helped over 3 million consumers save on their electric and gas bills with unbiased, objective reviews, our expert company ratings, and money-saving rates. The site is easy to navigate with clear and concise explanations on topics that one should know when shopping for providers, you can shop and compare providers and rates as well as the ability to sign up right from the site saving you stress, time and money

Additionally, at CT Energy Ratings, there are several resources on understanding the Connecticut energy market, conserving energy, tips on numerous ways to save energy, information on energy efficient products and appliances as well as resources on clean, renewable energy. So like Energize CT we tackle the issues of energy efficiency and then some. CT Energy Ratings helping the community of Connecticut invest in their energy future

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