Cheapest Electric Plans in Hartford, CT

Score the cheapest electric plans in CT! Discover plans that could help you save money and stay on budget this year!
Score the cheapest electric plans in CT! Discover plans that could help you save money and stay on budget this year!

Why Shop Best CT Electric Rates

It’s been a week into the new year and many Hartford residents are feeling the pinch from their power bills. Even if the predicted above-average temperatures from now until May holds, you can still save money by shopping for the cheapest electric rate now. Exploring the best electricity rates in Hartford may get you on the right foot for your 2021 energy budget.

Consider CT Electric Rates 2021

The new year also brings new Eversource standard offer service (SOS) supply rates. From now until June 30, 2021, customers can expect to pay 8.391 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh). Since energy-efficient clothes dryers use about 236 kWh of power per year, that equals an annual cost of about $19.80 you’d pay in generation supply just to run your clothes dryer. But the following plans below not only offer the cheapest electric rates but also other benefits that might be of interest to savvy CT energy shoppers.

Cheapest Electric Rates in CT

Starion Energy’s Starion Secure 10 plan has the cheapest rates at 7.39 cents per kWh for 10 months of power. That means a cost of $17.44 to run an energy-efficient clothes dryer for a year. The plan also allows customers the benefits of the Starion Rewards program that offers up to $1,200 in savings on travel, dining, and shopping. After six months, customers are also entitled to a bonus reward of either $100 in shopping rebates or $100 grocery coupons and other items.

Best of all, customers are free to switch at any time since the plan has no early termination fee. So if you see a better deal, you can switch without worry.

Compare Competitive Electric Rates

Starion Energy has a compelling option that may be of interest to homes that demand renewable power. The EcoGreen Secure 10 plan has a rate of 7.69 cents per kWh. This means a cost of only about $18.14 to run an energy-efficient clothes dryer for a year. Customers will also benefit from the Starion Rewards Program as well as the lack of an early termination fee.

Public Power has a competing offer that comes with highly rated customer service and benefits. Their Electric 7 Month Fixed Rate plan has a 7.69 cents per kWh rate for 7 months of service. Public Power stands out by offering prompt and efficient customer service that earns it a spot in the top three energy companies in CT. Their Power Perks program has great deals on in-store and online shopping as well as up to 40% rebates. Customers can also earn $25 pre-paid cards that can be doubled up if used for energy-efficient products.

Choose cheapest electric rates!

Managing high CT electricity bills is all about shopping for the best price and plan that meets your needs. The Starion Energy Starion Secure 10 plan is undeniably the best deal. But you might consider their EcoGreen Secure 10 plan as an alternative if you want to reduce your carbon footprint. Public Power’s Electric 7 Month Fixed Rate plan has the shortest term and is ideal if customer service is your number one concern.

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