Watch These Long Term Electric Rates

Eversource PTC electric rates may rise this winter. Don't wait! Shop these long term plans now and lock in great savings!
Electricity rates are rising. Even Eversource PTC electric rates may rise this winter. Don’t wait! Shop these long term plans and lock in great savings now!

Shop for Best Electricity per kWh

Right now, Eversource customers are paying low supply rates for electricity. But these rates end this year and we could be facing high electricity bills this coming winter. This is especially true when you consider natural gas shortages and that nearly half of CT’s generators use natural gas for fuel. That’s why now is the perfect time to watch these long term electric rates.

Compare Eversource Electricity Rates

The best way to know if you are getting the best price is to check out the Eversource Price to Compare (PTC) rate. The current PTC is  7.003 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh). This means that the average CT electric customer pays about $48.25 in monthly supply charges.

While we don’t know what those rates will become on January 1, 2022, we can make a reasonable guess. Many plans have higher rates today than they did back in July, so it’s possible that rates will rise even higher. In addition, Eversource’s winter electric rates are usually higher than their spring rates. In other words, customers that wait might end up with worst options down the line.

As a result, price stability is the biggest reason to consider long-term electricity rates.  Both 24 and 36 month long plans offer customers fixed rates for the duration of their contract. That’s a lot more stable pricing for 2 to 3 years versus the 2 to 3 months left with Eversource’s current PTC rate.

Cheapest Long-Term Electricity in CT

Constellation’s 36 Month Home Power Plan is the cheapest long-term plan at 9.49 cents per kWh. Because of this rate equals an average supply charge of about $65. The major draw to Constellation’s plans are their energy usage tools to help lower customer costs. These include weekly emails to help you monitor your usage. Constellation also offers a refer-a-friend program that can earn you $50 gift cards per referral sign-up.

Public Power’s 36 Month Fixed plan is the best alternative. It charges a 10.29 cents per kWh rate, which equals a monthly supply cost of about $70. The big draw to Public Power’s plan comes from their shopping discounts program. The Power Perks program offers daily deals at major retailers and cash back deals up to 40%. This might come in handy with New Year’s shopping.

Best Green Rates per kWh

Customers might check out Major Energy if they demand renewable energy in their homes. Their Secure Choice 24 plan charges an 11.49 cents per kWh rate. This  rate means an average monthly charge of about $79. Besides supporting renewable power, the plan also grants access to the Major Energy Rewards program. This program offers shopping, travel, and dining discounts which may be useful in the new year.

Choosing the Best Long Term Electric Rates

Checking out long-term plans is a great way to catch deals, especially with a potential rate hike. Choosing the right one for you is all about considering what matters most to you. Constellation’s 36 Month Home Power Plan is ideal if you want the lowest price and energy usage monitoring help. Major Energy’s Secure Choice 24 plan is a great option for frequent shoppers who want renewable power.

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