Weatherize and Save with the One You Love

Weatherize your home with your Valentine and save more with DIY energy saving tips!

DIY Weatherize Project For Two

Save more on your CT electricity with these DIY home energy saving projects for two.
Make your love nest warmer with your Valentine! Save more on your CT electricity with these DIY home energy saving projects for two.

There’s no better day than today, to make Valentine’s Day plans. But before you reach for your fanciest outfit, why not grab your work jeans instead. Winter’s not done yet! But you can still save money on heating bills with DIY home energy saving improvements . If you’re looking to bond and seal with your sweetheart, check out how you can weatherize and save this Valentines Day.

Why You Should Inspect Your Home

The best way to start weatherizing your home is with a DIY energy assessment. You’ll mostly want to search for any sources of air leaks. This can include feeling small drafts near shut windows and doors or spotting dirty spots on your ceiling paint or carpets. Air leaks cause a lot of heating and cooling energy loss all year round and help make for higher energy bills.

Bonus tip: Call your energy company to see if they offer free energy assessments if you need a little help.

Save With These Easy DIY Projects

But don’t worry, because most of these fixes are cheap, fast, and easy!

  • Caulk your windows: The Department of Energy estimates that nearly a quarter of heating and cooling energy use is lost via window air leaks. You can offset this loss save up to 20% on your bills a year, by caulking your windows. Look for gaps or places where gaskets don’t seal snug. It takes is a few hours and about $3-$30 for most jobs.
  • Don’t forget to weatherstrip your doors: Small gaps in your exterior doors, especially garage doors, can be huge sources of air leaks. But you can make a huge dent in your energy inefficiency if you weatherstrip your doors. For most doors, this will cost under $50 (depending on size).
  • Watch out for rodents: Mice can squeeze through holes as small as 1/4 of an inch! Make sure you and your loved one take a moment to go outside and look holes or cracks in your foundation or siding. Seal these with caulk or pest-blocking foam.
  • Seal gaps around pipes: Areas where plumbing or wiring enters your living space from uninsulated places is another common source of air leaks for most homes. But if you take the time to seal these, you can save up to 4% on your energy bills every year! They also help protect your pipes from bursting in the winter, which could cost you thousands to repair!

DIY Work And Save With Your Loved One

DIY home projects might not be the first thing you think of for Valentine’s Day. But making your home more comfy and affordable can be a rewarding tag team project. And the money you save could go a long way towards the romantic summer getaway of your dreams.

Once you’re done, make sure to come on back to and shop for the cheapest electricity rates in town. You can also drop by for the news that could affect your bills.

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