Seven Tips to Survive Extreme Winter Storms

Learn how you can keep your family safe during winter storm emergencies wiht these seven tips.

Stay Safe During Extreme Winter Weather

Winter storms are blowing into CT this week. Learn how you can keep your family safe during cold weather emergencies.
With winter storms blowing through CT, it’s important to be ready for power outages and other cold weather emergencies. Check out our seven tips to stay safe!

The Polar Vortex is expected to hit New England hard. That means CT will likely see bone-chilling temperature and snowfall. Doubtless, these storms will effect how CT electric companies get power to your home. That’s why now’s the time to make sure you’re winter safe if the power goes out. So, let’s review these seven tips to survive extreme winter storms.

Winter Weather Must Have Items

The first rule about driving in winter storms is to stay at home unless it’s really, really necessary. If you do have to drive, then keep some basic emergency supplies in your car.

  • Things To Protect Your Car A sturdy ice scraper and snow brush can keep your windows clear for safe driving. Rock salt or cat litter spread around tires or paths can help make driveways less slippery. Also keep a snow shovel, tow rope, and battery jumper cables in your trunk.
  • Safety And Comfort During Extreme Weather To stay dry and warm, make sure you have extra blankets and winter clothes at in your car. If you get stuck in a ditch or snow bank, you may need to wait a while for help.
  • Always Pack A First Aid Kit Accidents are more frequent during winter storms, so first aid kits are vital. Heavy snow and icy roads can delay emergency response vehicles. Immediate first aid can buy you time if you or your loved ones are injured.

Blackout Tips for Winter Storms

  • Be Blackout Ready The Red Cross recommends preparing a basic survival kit. Items like flashlights, water, and non-perishable food can keep you safe during common blackout emergencies.
  • Protect Your Pipes When the power goes out, any water in your pipes will still be there. If the water freezes and expands, then the pipes may burst leading to expensive repairs. So insulate your pipes for better winter readiness.
  • Check Your Fireplace Homeowners should inspect their chimneys before winter begins. Because leaks, damage, and creosote build-up can lead to indoor smoke or tragic fires. Also be sure to burn firewood that has dried for one year. Store it and your kindling in a dry place so that it’s ready to use.

Dress Well For Winter Storms

  • Choose Best Winter Clothes What you wear can do a lot to keep you safe. For example, avoid wearing cotton if you expect to do a lot of heavy work outside. Wear tightly woven, water repellent clothing that will wick moisture away from your skin. This will help keep you warmer longer and prevent frostbite. And be sure to wear hats or hoods, since 40% of your body heat can be lost from your head.

Follow Best Extreme Winter Weather Tips

CT winters are never easy. And the Polar Vortex may make this winter especially hard. But keeping winter ready can make even the worst winters a whole lot easier. Remember that you can count on for all the tips to keep your home safe and comfy all year round. And be sure to shop here for the cheapest electricity rates in town!

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