Why Now’s the Time to Get Ready Your Bridgeport Home for Winter

Winter might still be on the way but now's a good time to finish those heating jobs when it's still warm out. Learn how you can save more while staying warm.

Get Winter Ready In Bridgeport

Winter is a few months coming but now is the time to tackle the most important jobs before it gets cold. Learn what they are and stay warm for less!
Winter may be a few months out but it’s best to tackle some jobs first when it’s still warm out. Learn what you can do to stay warm for less when the cold comes.

Comfortable temperatures may be here today. But we’re only a few months away from the traditionally chilly CT winter. And if you get winter ready, you can cut down on your winter electricity bills. Let’s talk about getting your home ready for a Bridgeport winter.

Improve Home Energy Efficiency

Did you know that proper home insulation can cut 10-20% off your energy bills? That’s because insulation keeps the heat energy inside your home during the winter. As a result, your heating doesn’t have to work as hard, so there’s less energy used all around. You can even use this ENERGY STAR guide to choose the right insulation for your home.

Also be sure to check your home for proper air sealing. Because air leaks can lead to around 20% of your energy used going to waste. And that lost energy will cost you big this winter, even with the cheapest electricity rates. In fact, air sealing doesn’t just reduce this waste, but it also improves air quality and home comfort.

Inspect Your Heating Systems

You don’t want to wait for the middle of winter to deal with expensive repairs or replacements. And new heaters can cost between $1,700-$9,700. So now is a good time to order furnace and boiler inspection from a licensed and trusted contractor. Because furnaces with faulty parts or air leaks can be inefficient and cost you more money than they should. Worn or faulty parts can lead to furnaces to breakdown. Worse still, a furnace that doesn’t vent its exhaust properly can cause harmful gases to build up in your home. Get it checked now!

Protect Your Pipes This Winter

A few years ago, I had my first winter pipe burst. And that was a $500 expense I didn’t need. That’s why it’s important to protect your pipes during the winter. Pipe insulation helps protect your pipes from freezing and can save you 3-4% on your annual energy bills. For this same reason, you should also have your hose and sprinkler valves inspected for drips and leaks. Because drippy faucets can lead to frozen pipes if you aren’t careful.

Clean Your Gutters

Finally, take some time to clean your rain gutters. This helps prevent ice dams from forming. Ice dams can force snow and ice to build up under your shingles and severely damage your roof. Cleaning your rain gutters lets melt water drain away. Bonus Tip: Extendable snow rakes can help keep snow off your roof. It’s more work, that could roof last longer.

Winter Ready In Bridgeport

The mild shoulder months are the best time to get ready for winter. And these tips will save you money and keep you warm and comfy when things get cold. You can always count on https://www.ctenergyratings.com for the best energy saving tips. You can also shop here for the best electricity rates in town.

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