These New Haven Electric Rates Beat UL

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UI standard service electric rates are too high! Cut the cost of your energy bills! Shop our CT electricity suppliers!
UI standard service electric rates will change on July 1. Find lower rates! Shop our CT retail electric suppliers and save money on your energy bills all year ’round.

UL Electric Rates

Did you know that UL customers are paying too much for their standard service generation electric rates? Instead of paying lower electric rates, these customers are dealing with a high 10.5607¢ per kWh rate. Considering CT’s average monthly electricity use of 724 kWh, that means a monthly generation charge of about $76.46!

But UL customers can find five lower electric rates right now.

Cheapest Risk-free Electricity Rates

Frequenty energy shoppers will tell you that the next best deal is often right around the corner. That’s why many energy shoppers love electricity plans that don’t have early termination fees.

That’s why Direct Energy has a great deal with their Live Brighter 12 plan. Last June, this plan would have cost you 9.59¢ per kWh. But this year, their 8.49¢ per kWh rate, means a monthly generation charge of about $61.47. That saves you nearly $15 compared to UL. Best of all, no early termination fee means you can switch out if you find a better electric rates at no cost or penalty.

Best Electric Rate Drop

When it comes to managing high bills, keeping your options open is always a good idea.

That’s why smart energy shoppers are paying attention to Public Power for their 12 month fixed plan. Last June, this plan cost 9.82¢ per kWh and has dropped down to 8.49¢ for 2020. That means you could be saving $15 compared to UL if you switched today. Public Power’s top three customer rating more than compensates for the $50 early termination fee,

Cheapest Green Electricity in CT

Some energy shoppers care more about finding electricity companies that will offer green energy than any other factor. But when that green power comes cheap, it’s the best option around.

If you want clean energy for your home, then Verde Energy may have the plan for you. Their Clean Power 12 plan has a reduced rate from 9.99¢ per kWh this past December to the current 8.99¢ per kWh rate. That means an average monthly generation charge of $65.09 (over $11 less than UL). Clean Power 12 has no early termination fee and the Verde Energy Rewards program for discounts on dining, shopping, and travel.

Electricity Plan for Animal Lovers

If you love animals, then Xoom Energy has the plan for you. Their Rescuelock 12 plan donates 12.5% of your monthly energy charges to Petsmart charities. That means that with their 9.79¢ per kWh rate, the average customer donates about $8.86 on generation charges alone. Subscribers can also enjoy the Xoom Energy Rewards program for shopping, dining, and travel discounts.

Best 12-Month Customer Service

When CTEnergyRatings scores providers, customer reviews and the customer experience are major factors.

Major Energy ranks in as one of the two best electricity providers in CT with an average 3.7 star rating. Their Secure Choice 12 has a 9.39¢ per kWh rate that saves you about $8.47 compared to UL on generation charges. The rate is compensated for with highly rated customer service and no termination fee.

This means customers can expect prompt assistance and can switch out at no penalty or fee if they find a better deal.

Compare Electric Rates

You can avoid paying UL’s high 10.5607¢ per kWh rate by switching to better deals available now. Direct Energy’s Live Brighter 12 plan is the cheapest risk-free option available. Public Power’s 12 month fixed plan is competitively priced with the sharpest rate drop.Verde Energy’s Clean Power 12 is the best green electric plan. Xoom Energy’s Rescuelock 12 donates to pet charities. Major Energy’s Secure Choice 12 provides highly rated customer service with no termination fee.

You can learn more about saving money and energy by comparing rates and plans at

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