Shop These Best Electric Plans In Hartford

Eversource wants customers to save energy to cut summer electric bills. Shop these best electric plans in Hartford and save money all year round!
In a cold sweat over your summer electric bills? Relax! Save money year round when you shop these best electric plans in Hartford!

Why Shop Best CT Electric Rates

We’re barely in June and Hartford customers are already experiencing 90 degree weather. These heatwaves mean more money spent on cooling costs, which can quickly hike up your monthly bill. That’s why Eversource recommends taking energy efficiency steps to avoid high bills during the heat. But customers can save even more money if they shop these best electric plans in Hartford.

Know CT Electric Rates 2021

Smart energy shopping starts by knowing about the local utility’s electric rates. For example, Eversource’s current electric supply rate is 8.391 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh). That rate means an annual cost of about $11.50 to run an energy-efficient freezer for one year (137 kWh). However, Hartford customers can keep their cool and spend less money by comparing these lower rates and extra benefits.

Shop Best Electric Plans in 2021

You may be interested in Public Power’s 5 Month Fixed plan if pricing is your biggest concern. This plan charges a 7.99 cents per kWh rate. That means you can power an energy-efficient freezer for just over $10 a year. Also, Public Power ranks in the top three of CT’s energy companies because they commit to fast customer service. Customers can also save money with the Power Perks program. Lastly, the plan renews into a new fixed-rate product after the initial term so watch for the Public Power notices just before the plan expires.

Choosing electric rates term lengths

The best part of energy shopping, is being able to choose based on your needs. Customers might shop for long-term plans for longer price stability. All the same, customers might choose short-term plans to try out companies or if they plan to move.

Hartford customers shopping long-term plans might discover Constellation’s 36 Month Electricity Power Plug plan. Constellation’s plan offers with energy-efficient power plugs to help save money during the hot summer. Weekly energy usage emails also help customers meet their energy saving goals. The plan charges a 8.29 cents per kWh rate. This rate powers energy-efficient freezers for about $11.35 per year. This plan renews into a new fixed-rate product after the initial term.

On the other hand, customers wanting short-term plans might consider Xoom Energy’s Surelock 6 plan. Xoom Energy‘s 8.29 cents per kWh rate is just enough to beat the heat from June through November. In addition, the Xoom Energy Rewards program offers shopping, travel, and dining discounts. Xoom Energy’s plan renews into a new fixed-rate product after the initial 6 month term.

Which electric rates are best for you

Eversource is warning customers that the summer heatwave means higher summer electric bills. That’s why it’s important to shop now for the best electric plans. If you just want to beat the summer heat or plan, then you might consider Public Power’s 5 Month Fixed plan. If you want to avoid frequent energy shopping or have no plans to move, then Constellation’s 36 Month Electricity Power Plug plan, may be right for you.

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