Get the Cheapest Fixed Electricity Rate in Waterbury, CT

Cut the cost of your Eversource electricity in Waterbury, CT with a long term plan.
Why pay higher Eversource electricity rates in Waterbury this winter! Lock in a low-priced plan now and save money during 2021!

Choose The Best Electricity Rates In Waterbury

We’re only a few months away from winter and that means high energy bills. Whether these costs come from normal winter heating or the controversial delivery charge from Eversource, now is the time to consider fixed-rate plans. With future electricity rates for Waterbury and the rest of the state uncertain this winter (at best), you may not be able to afford a variable rate.

Compare Plans To Eversource Electricity Rates

Any plan you choose has to offer better pricing than Eversource or rewards and incentives that add real value. That’s why your search for the best energy companies for Waterbury customers should begin with the Price to Compare (PTC).

As of July 1, 2020, the PTC is 7.375 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh). This averages to a generation charge of about $53 per month according to this average monthly bill report. This rate will only last through to December. Customers can speculate on their individual costs for the new year, but based on the January – June 2020 Eversource generation rate of 9.414 cents per kWh the increase comes to about $68 per month in generation supply costs alone.

But if you sign up for one of these fixed-rate plans now, you won’t have to guess. Your rate will stay the same for the whole year.

Cheapest Fixed-Rate Electricity in Waterbury

Xoom Energy‘s SureLock 12 plan offers the cheapest option at a 7.39 cents per kWh rate (about $53 per month generation charge). The winter rate pricing is compensated by the Xoom Energy Rewards. This program offers shopping and dining discounts as well as pre-paid card giveaway opportunities.

Xoom Energy’s contract summary also guarantees that if you renew, then it will remain a fixed-rate product.

Cheapest Green Electricity For Your Home

Xoom Energy’s SimpleClean 12 is ideal for homeowners who want to reduce their carbon footprint. The plan offers all the benefits of their rewards program. The 7.59 cents per kWh rate (about $55 per month generation charge) includes the added value of 50% of your electricity supply coming from renewable sources.

Best Electricity Rates for Pet Lovers

Xoom Energy’s RescueLock 12 is an excellent alternative for animal lovers. The 7.79 cents per kWh rate averages to about $56 in generation charges. Xoom Energy will donate 12.5% of this charge (about $10) to PetSmart charities.

Electricity Rates For Frequent Travelers

Xoom Energy’s SureLock 12 – Airline Rewards plan provides an alternative for frequent flyers. The plan’s 7.79 cents per kWh rate averages to a generation charge of about $56 per month. Customers earn 2 miles with American Airlines for every $1 charged on the generation portion of your bill, which means an average of 1,448 miles earned per month. The plan also offers a refer-a-friend bonus of 10,000 miles after your friends subscribe for two months.

Best Risk-Free Long-Term Electricity Rates

Direct Energy’s Live Brighter 14 plan offers reliable energy at a competitive rate. The 7.77 cents per kWh rate averages to about $56 in generation charges, which beats the 2020 January rate by about $12. The biggest reason to subscribe to Direct Energy is the complete lack of early termination fees. You can switch out or cancel at any time without penalty if you find a better deal.

Which Fixed-Rate Electric Plan Is Right For You?

All these plans are great options to switch to if you’ve been in a variable month-to-month rate. The Xoom Energy Sure Lock 12 plan offers the cheapest rates. If you want renewable energy in your home, then choose the Xoom Energy SimpleClean 12 plan. Animal lovers will appreciate the charity donations offered by the Xoom Energy RescueLock 12 plan. Choose the Xoom Energy SureLock 12 – Airline Rewards plan if you enjoy frequent travel. Lastly, consider the flexibility of  Direct Energy’s Live Brighter 14 plan for risk-free longer-term fixed rates.

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