Study May Distort CT Electricity Costs

CT electricity costs are high but they're not the worst. Find out why and how you can shop smart to save more.

Are CT Electricity Costs Really That High?

CT electricity costs were rated as #2 highest in the US. Find out if they really are that high why now you can shop smart to save.
Are CT electricity costs really #2 highest? We dig into the details to show you how to save more on your monthly bill.

It’s no-brainer that CT energy costs are high. According to Wallet Hub, CT ranks #2¬† in their highest “monthly electricity cost” ratings. But the study only compares electricity rates for July and August when energy use and prices are highest nationwide. Truth be told, CT didn’t even make the study’s top 5 most expensive electricity price or usage lists. Given CT’s reliance on natural gas as a principal generator fuel, it’s easy for that¬† “monthly electricity cost” to be exaggerated in July and August. So what’s going on? Aren’t CT’s electricity rates high? Yes, they’re high enough to cause dizziness. Still, the study may muddy customer understanding about CT electricity prices. So, let’s wade through some facts to see how CT customers can cut their electricity costs for their homes and do it year ’round.

The Costs For Electricity In CT

Wallet Hub estimates that CT electricity bills to be about $171 a month. That’s a little high compared to the EIA’s 2021 average monthly bill report. Granted, Wallet Hub may be using the higher prices from 2022. But rates are falling. And while Wallet Hub focuses on just July and August, the EIA report averages usage for the whole year. Plus, there’s other head to head comparisons bog down in the details.

CT customers consume an average of 713 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy per month. Which utility serves them, however, has a big effect on their monthly bill. On one hand, Eversource’s rates produce an average bill closer to $200, half alone from distribution charges. But under UI’s current rates, an average monthly electricity bill runs closer to $111 a month.

What’s more is that we can shave down these estimated electricity prices if we shop smart for cheap energy rates.

Cheapest CT Electricity

Direct Energy Live Brighter 12 is the best savings you can find in CT. The 12.79 cents per kWh rate beats both Eversource and UI PTC rates. That means an average bill of about $190 for Eversource customers and about $100 for UI customers. In addition, customers can save more money on shopping, dining, and travel with their Direct Energy Rewards program.

Best Electricity Costs And Service

You might also consider shopping for the Xoom Energy Surelock 12 plan. Their 13.19 cents per kWh rate also beats both PTC rates. An average bill between $103 for UI customers and $192 for Eversource customers. Xoom Energy stands out for excellent customer service, with a 3rd best ranking among CT’s energy companies. In addition, the companies XoomEnergy Rewards program can help savvy shoppers save on shopping, dining, and travel.

Alternately, pet lovers might consider the Xoom Energy RescueLock 12 plan. The plan charges 13.79 cents per kWh. Likewise, this rate is cheaper than both PTC rates. So, an average monthly bill of about $196 for Eversource customers and about $107 for UI customers. On top of the other benefits Xoom Energy offers, they will put 5% of your monthly energy supply charges towards PetSmart charities.

Shop Best CT Electricity For You

Sure, the Wallet Hub study shows that CT electricity is expensive. But it’s not as bad as they could be if you shop smart. That way, you can cut your real world electricity costs with cheaper electricity rates. And if you visit you can shop the best electricity rates in your town. Plus, you can also keep up to date on the news affecting your electricity prices.

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