Shop Great Energy Rates For Uncertain Times

Warm spring weather has arrived Shop and save on CT energy rates now!

Why Shop Best Energy Rates

Compare and save when you shop these great electric rates before summer prices rise.
Don’t wait any longer to shop CT energy rates. Summer electric prices could go higher so now is the best time to compare and save on electric rates!

Who doesn’t want to save money when warm weather is right around the corner? Even if you aren’t planning a spring getaway, summer electricity bills can hurt your budget. Consider that CT energy customers use about 711 kilowatt-hours (kWh)┬áper month. And since Eversource charges 11.484 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh), that’s an average supply charge of about $81 per month! Since those standard offer service rates only last through June, and summer energy prices could go higher, we don’t know how much their new rates will change. That’s why now’s the perfect time to shop for great energy rates in these uncertain times.

Shop Cheapest 12 Month Energy Rates

If cheap rates are your main concern, then you might enjoy Public Power’s 12 Month Fixed plan. Public Power charges 13.19 cents per kWh, which averages to a monthly supply charge of about $93. The real value comes in when you consider their Power Perks program. Smart shoppers can use the daily deals to save from major retailers. In addition, customers can earn $25 pre-paid cards that gain double value for energy-efficient products.

And don’t forget that Public Power is the third best rated energy company in CT.

Shop Great Energy Rates and Rewards

You might also consider Xoom Energy’s SureLock 12 plan. Xoom Energy charges 13.49 cents per kWh which averages to a $95 monthly supply charge. The biggest draw to this plan is their Xoom Energy Rewards program that offers daily deals on shopping, dining, and travel. In addition, Xoom Energy offers daily giveaways for pre-paid Visa cards with values up to $500.

If your work requires frequent flights, you might like their SureLock 12 – Airline Rewards plan. This plan charges a 13.69 cents per kWh rate (which averages to about $97 per month). But in addition to the Xoom Energy Rewards Program, customers earn 2 miles for every $1 charged on the supply portion of your monthly electric bill.

And don’t forget that Xoom Energy is the fourth best rated energy company in CT.

Get Cheapest 12 Month Green Energy Rates

But what if you’re looking for 100% renewable energy for your home? Then you might consider Verde Energy’s Clean Power 12 plan. Verde Energy charges 14.99 cents per kWh which averages to a $106 monthly supply charge. In addition to providing 100% renewable energy for 12 months, customers can also benefit from the Verde Energy Rewards program. Customers can enter daily pre-paid card giveaways and take advantage of daily shopping, dining, and travel discounts.

Get Lower Bills with Great Energy Rates

With all the uncertainty in energy markets, CT energy customers don’t know how much they could pay for their summer electricity. Shopping around is the best way to spare your budget for the summer. Public Power’s 12 Month Fixed plan is the best deal for 12-month fixed rate plans. But for a little over a penny more per kWh, you might consider Verde Energy’s Clean Power 12 plan instead if you want green energy in your home.

You can also learn more about other ways of saving money and energy by comparing rates and plans at

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