Shop Long Term Plans in Trumbull, CT

Why keep paying higher and high UI Standard Service rates. Shop long term plans now to lock in the cheapest electric rate for two years.

Secure Long Term Energy Savings

Shop long term electricity plans now to lock in a low priced plan that beat the UI Standard Service rate.
Stop paying rising UI energy rates. Shop long term plans that help you save on your electricity supply rates for 2 years.

It’s no secret that CT has some of the highest electricity bills in the country. And recent reporting suggests that it may not change for the better anytime soon. That’s why smart energy consumers are rushing to secure cheap electricity rates today! Let’s see how you can save when you shop the best long term plans in Trumbull, CT.

Why You Should Shop Today

Right now, UI standard service rates are at 17.0625 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh). The EIA estimates that CT customers use an average of 716 kWh of energy per month. This means a UI monthly supply charge runs about $122. However, these rates will change in July. The problem is that we don’t yet know if the UI standard service rates could change.

It’s important to keep in mind that CT utilities have requested big rate hikes for the delivery charges on your bill. In fact, UI has asked for a 12% increase that would kick in next month. And, unlike supply charges, you can’t shop around for better delivery rates. So securing cheaper long term electricity rates today can help offset delivery charge increases.

Shop Cheapest Long Term Plans

The Xoom Energy SureLock 24 plan offers 24 months of power to your home for 12.22 cents per kWh. This averages to a monthly supply charge of about $87 per month (nearly $40 less than UI). Xoom Energy adds more value with the shopping and dining discounts from their rewards program.

You should also check out the Direct Energy Live Brighter 18 plan. They charge 12.39 cents per kWh which averages to about $88 per month. On top of being cheaper than UI, Direct Energy is one of the most recommended energy companies according to our readers.

Great Customer Service And Electricity Rates

If you want top-notch customer service, then you’ll also want to check out Constellation. Their 24 Month Home Power Plan charges 12.79 cents per kWh, which averages to a $91 monthly supply charge. Besides being about $30 cheaper than UI, Constellation customers can receive regular energy usage emails to help you meet your energy saving goals. In addition, our readers rank Constellation as offering some of the best customer service among CT energy companies.

Shop Long Term Rates Now

CT electricity rates are at an all time high. While rates will change in July, signs suggest that rates may rise during a hotter than normal summer. That’s why now’s the best time to shop and lock in cheap long-term rates. And the best place to shop is right here at You can also count on us to report the news that could affect your bills.

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