Shop The Best 12 Month Electricity Plans in Stamford, CT

Get a low fixed rate for 12 months by shopping for your family’s electricity needs in Stamford, CT!
Lock in a great plan at a cheap rate for your Stamford, CT electricity needs for a whole year!

Who has Stamford’s cheapest 12-month electricity?

Despite low natural gas inventory and a hotter than usual summer, the U.S Energy Information Administration is predicting that record-high natural gas production could keep energy prices from rising in the near future. That means there’s no better time than now to make some huge savings by shopping for cheapest 12-month fixed rate electricity plans for Stamford, CT.

Save on your energy bill with Constellation!

The average electricity rate in Stamford during May 2018 was 21.54 cents per kWh. For the average household using 555 kWh per month, that means energy bills of around $120 a month, or $1440 a year. But you can start saving right now by choosing Constellation’s 12 Month Green Home Power Plan. With their 12 Month Green Home Power Plan you’ll only be paying 9.79 cents per kWh. That’s savings of over 50% on your electricity bill, and savings of over $780 a year on the average bill. The plan comes with a $50 cancellation fee if you need to cancel before the 12 month term is finished, but customer reviews show people are highly satisfied with Constellation’s excellent customer service and the savings they can make.

Make big savings on your electricity bill with North American Power!

Alternatively, North American Power also offers a 12-Month Fixed rate plan Stamford residents at a low rate of just 9.99 cents per kWh. If you compare that rate to the Stamford average, you’re again making savings on your electricity bill of over $770 a year. That’s a lot of money going to waste that you could be using for other, more important things instead! As with Constellation’s plan, it is good to keep in mind that there is a $50 cancellation fee if you need to leave before the term is up. Customers also rave about North American Power’s friendly service team and their easy to understand billing. If you’re looking for cheap, simple electricity plan that does what it says, it’s hard to look past their 12-Month Fixed plan.

Start saving right now with Constellation and North American Power!

Stop wasting money! Start making massive savings on your energy bill by shopping for a new electric provider right now. With either Constellation’s 12 Month Green Home Power Plan or North American Power’s 12-Month Fixed plan you can start saving today.

And don’t forget you can head over to to compare our choice with other electric plans.

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