Should I Lock In A 24 Month CT Electricity Plan Now?

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Don't shrug off the shoulder months! Cut your Connecticut electricity bills for the long term by locking in a low fixed rate with a 24 month plan!
Don’t shrug off the shoulder months! Electricity rates are at their lowest right now!
Lock in a low, long term rate on your Connecticut electricity bills with a 24 month plan!

How Shoulder Month Pricing Affects You

The U.S. has seen one of the hottest summers in recent history, and that means higher pricing for Connecticut residents. When you compare 2019 and 2018 monthly electricity prices  with the average monthly electricity usage of 724 kWh, you will see that you may have paid around a dollar more on your CT electric plan this year.

But now that we’re entering the cooler fall months. Electricity rates are expected to drop to the lowest that they’ll ever get for the remainder of the year. So signing up for a 24-month plan gives you low pricing now and protects you from annual seasonal price hikes.

Choosing the Best 24 Month Electricity Plan

Choosing a 24-month plan means committing to an electricity company for the long haul. Smart shoppers can avoid poor choices by comparing offers from the best suppliers: electricity rates, customer reviews, and service plan details.

And here’s a big tip, look up your monthly usage on your past electric bills and figure out when you use the most.  Knowing your own monthly usage when you shop helps you predict and understand how much plans could cost you.

Shop and Compare the Best Electricity Plans

Public Power is one of the most favorably reviewed companies on our site. Many customers love their low rates and enjoy working with their professional and courteous staff. Their 24 Month Fixed plan charges 9.31 cents per kWh, which means an average monthly supply charge will be around $67. Their terms or servicewaives the $50 termination fee if you cancel in the first two billing cycles.

Constellation customers have placed the company in the top five for their prompt customer service and weekly energy usage reports. Their 24 Month Green Home Power Plan provides users with 100% renewable energy at 9.49 cents per kWh for an average of around $68 monthly supply charge. Their terms of serviceoffer a generous 90-day Satisfaction Guarantee period where you can cancel without termination fees.

Verde Energy offers the Guaranteed Choice 24 plan that offers renewable energy at 9.59 cents per kWh which is a monthly average supply charge of about $69. The company may not have the same level of customer trust and approval as their competitors, but they stand out with terms of service that guarantees a risk-free experience with no termination fees at any point.

Where Can I Find Best Electric Plan in Connecticut?

With shoulder pricing available right now, it’s the perfect time to lock in to low 24 month fixed rates. These low priced, fixed rates will carry you through seasonal price hikes. You can learn more about pricing and energy shopping by comparing rates and plans at

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