Eversource Raising Hartford Electric Rates! Shop Now!

Don't pay those high Eversource energy bills this winter! Shop now for cheaper electric rates in Hartford, CT.
Eversource is raising its generation supply rates this winter! How can you afford NOT to shop for cheaper electric rates in Hartford?

Switch Now And Save Before The Eversource Rate Increase

The warmer autumn months seem to have come and gone and that means many Hartford residents are starting their heaters. But with the residential default service rate increasing by 16% to 9.414¢/kWh in 2020, you could be losing money unless you lock in a lower rate now! The EIA estimates 724 kWh usage in Connecticut on their average monthly bill report, and that means your bill could rise by $9.35 each month. Add this to an estimated $72 Eversource delivery charge and that’s a lot of monthly spending.

But if you lock into one of the electricity plans below, you could take advantage of the prediction that this year’s winter energy bills may be lower than last year’s. Check out the best CT electric rates and secure savings for the new year!

Cheapest 12-Month Electric Rates in Hartford, CT

Starion Energy has the cheapest 12-month fixed rates with their Starion Secure 12 and EcoGreen Secure 12 plans. With no early termination fees or recurring charges, these plans are both risk-free and great options to hold out this winter while waiting for spring pricing. Starion Secure 12 costs 8.99¢/kWh while EcoGreen Secure 12 has a 9.29¢/kWh rate for 100% green energy. These rates mean that you save any from $2.66 to .77¢ on an average bill (at about $108 and $110 respectively) after the January service rate increase. Starion Energy also has a free rewards program that offers travel, dining, and shopping savings at various retailers as well as potential rebates and reward cards after six months.

Compare 12-Month CT Electric Plans

Public Power offers a choice with their 12 Month Fixed plan. The plan has a competitive rate of 9.67¢/kWh. While the rate would have customers pay about $1.60 more per average month more than the upcoming Eversource rate, Hartford residents get compensated with an excellent rewards program that includes savings at major retailers as well as referral bonuses. Plus, consumers get  customer service from one of the area’s best-rated companies according to customer reviews.

Choose the Right 12-Month Electric Plan for You

By switching to one of these plans,  you protect yourself longer from Eversource’s higher rates while locking in valuable rewards. Starion Energy has the lowest rates, a competitive green energy option, and a rewards program for frequent shoppers and travelers. Public Power offers excellent customer service, retailer savings, and referral bonuses for helping friends and family save money. Not only do you get a great rate and rewards benefits but also whether you want to support green energy.

You can learn more about pricing and energy shopping by comparing rates and plans at https://www.ctenergyratings.com.

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