UI Raising Bridgeport Electricity Rates! Shop Now!

UI is raising its electricity rates for Bridgeport custmers just in time for winter!
United Illuminating customers in Bridgeport look out! UI is raising its electricity rates just in time for winter! Shop now and lock in a low and predictable rate for 12 months!

UI Electricity Rates Rising, Switch Before January 1, 2020

With the shoulder months officially over, many Bridgeport residents are getting ready for the winter chill. While the EIA predicted that this year’s winter energy bills may be lower than last year’s, local United Illuminating (UI) customers may not be so lucky since their residential default service rate is increasing by 25% from 8.35¢/kWh to 10.5607¢/kWh. If you have an average monthly usage of 724 kWh, then your Bridgeport  electric bill could rise by $16 in generation charges alone (from about $60 to $76). Add this to an estimated UI delivery charge of about $32.92 and you’re talking big winter energy bills.

But you can save yourself some money and protect your budget by switching to a low-cost 12-month fixed-rate plan now! Check out Bridgeport’s best money-saving CT electric rates.

Compare UI Service Area Electricity Providers

Public Power offers savings with their 12 Month Fixed plan. The plan’s 9.67¢/kWh rate saves Bridgeport customers about $6 on generation charges with an estimated $70 average. Subscribing to this plan also connects you to one of the highest-rated customer service experiences according to reader reviews. That’s compared to UI that just misses the top ten. The plan is also tied to the Public Power’s Power Perksrewards program that offers savings at popular retailers as well as referral bonuses.

Cheaper Than UI Electricity in Bridgeport, CT

Starion Energy offers two great options for customers with their Starion Secure 12 and EcoGreen Secure 12 plans. If you like keeping your options open with risk-free plans, you will appreciate the company’s lack of early termination fees or recurring charges. The plans are also the cheapest, charging only 8.99¢/kWh for Starion Secure 12 and 9.29¢/kWh for the EcoGreen’s 100% green energy. Compared to UI’s generation charges, these plans could save you about $11 and $9 respectively. Best of all, Starion Energy offers travel, dining, and shopping savings with their free rewards program as well as potential rebates and rewards cards after six months.

Best Green Energy, Fast Rebates in UI Electricity Service Area

Verde Energy has you covered if you want to support a company that only offers green energy. Their Guaranteed Choice 12 plan is risk-free with no early cancellation fee or recurring charges. The 9.99¢/kWh rate saves you $4 on generation charges while still supporting green energy. Customers will also enjoy Verde Energy  rewards program that offers shopping and online rewards. However, the big story is the company’s rebate program. After the first month of service, you will receive a $50 prepaid card and after 6 months you will receive another $50 prepaid card which almost pays for a month of service!

Choosing the Right Electricity Plan in UI Bridgeport

When the new year comes around, UI generation charges will rise by 25% and that’s a heavy price to pay. Smart Bridgeport energy shoppers will switch now to more affordable plans that offer great features and prices. Choosing the right plan for you depends on which company best serves your needs. Starion Energyhas the cheapest prices and rewards programs that benefit frequent shoppers and travelers. Public Poweris in the top five for customer service in CT and offers discounts on popular retailers as well as referral bonuses to help friends and family save. Verde Energy fully supports green energy and offers a sizable rebate with their risk-free program as well as shopping savings. You can learn more about saving money and energy by comparing rates and plans at https://www.ctenergyratings.com.

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