The Best Electric Plan Bargain In Danbury

Grab the best electric plan bargain in Danbury. Get better energy savings when you shop for better electric rates.
Find a better bargain when you shop the best electric plan in Danbury. Find out which rates beat Eversource and help you save more!

Shop Best CT Electric Rates 2021

July has been a big month for Danbury energy customers. Not only has a new law banned early termination fees (ETFs), but the Eversource supply rate has dropped as well. But even with lower costs, there are savings to be had if you shop for better electric rates. So let’s check out the best electric plan bargain in Danbury.

Compare Eversource Rates

Before we can explore our electric rate options, it’s important to figure out what Eversource is charging. Right now, Eversource’s default rate is 7.003 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh). This rate means an annual charge of about $10.05  to power an energy-efficient refrigerator. This rate lasts from July through to the end of 2021, so that’s six months at this lower rate.

But you can still find a better bargain! The supplier rates below either beat this rate or offer competitive benefits that are worth checking out. And because ETFs are no longer a problem, you can always switch or cancel for better deals that might come.

Cheapest Electric Rates

For many customers, the best plan to avoid high CT electricity bills is to look for the lowest rates. Right now, Danbury’s lowest rates are offered by Xoom Energy. Their SureLock 4 plan charges a 6.99 cents per kWh rate for four months of service. This rate means paying about $10.48 to power an energy-efficient refrigerator for a year. In addition to being cheaper than Eversource, customers could also save from the shopping and dining discounts from the Xoom Energy Rewards program.

Best Renewable Energy Rates

Some customers focus squarely on reducing their carbon footprint. As a result, they only shop for renewable energy plans. Verde Energy offers the best 100% renewable energy option in Danbury. Their Clean Power 24 plan charges a 10.29 cents per kWh rate. This rate equals an annual cost of about $15 to power an energy-efficient refrigerator. Lastly, Verde Energy has a rewards program offering travel, shopping, and dining discounts to customers.

Best 12+ Month Electricity in Danbury

Public Power provides the best combination of supply charge rates and benefits for customers that want standard term lengths. The Electric 13 Month Standard Fixed Rate plan charges an 8.59 cents per kWh rate. This rate means paying about  $12.88 to power an energy-efficient refrigerator for a year. Customers will find added value through the Power Perks program  that offers daily shopping bargains. This includes cash back deals of up to 40%.

Choose the Best Electric Plan

Because of recent laws, customers have more control over their monthly energy charges. This makes choosing the best electric plan in Danbury a snap. Right now, the undeniable best choice is Xoom Energy’s SureLock 4 plan. The plan is cheaper than Eversource and comes packed with discounts that best benefit frequent shoppers and diners.

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