PURA Sets August Deadline for Retailers

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With the PURA deadline looming, learn what energy consumers expect soon from CT energy retailers.
Learn what energy consumers expect from CT energy retailers after the PURA deadline takes affect.

Retailer Response to PURA Hearings

Last month, we reported on how energy consumers can expect the new law HB 6526 protect their wallets. The law sets new rules and practices for all energy suppliers. One of the biggest changes is the the ban on early termination fees (ETFs). The new law also voids all current variable rate plans. For retailers, the new rules require that they update all their existing plan documentation. Many providers felt this task was overwhelming. They asked that the state push the PURA deadline into October.

Retailer Ask PURA for More Time

Retailers said they are willing to comply with the new rules. However, they argue that they need time to avoid customer confusion on CT electricity bills. For example, while some August bills may mention ETF payments, they no longer apply under the new rules.

PURA denied the request stating that retailers failed to demonstrate a need for extension. They then set August 15 as the hard deadline for retailers to make all their documents comply with the law. This may seem like too little time to make changes. But remember that August 15 is almost 45 days after the law’s effective date. PURA believes that even with the deadline, retailers had plenty of time to begin the process.

Electrical Suppliers Update Customers

For CT electricity customers, the new rules offer them many new features in their energy shopping. For instance, it’s now easier to switch plans for better electricity rates. Customers will notice that their bills will no longer mention ETFs. This follows reports that some July bills mentioned ETFs, even though customers saw no such charges. Customers will also see the new cover plan pages if their plans are renewing in September. These cover pages will clearly explain rate and policy changes from one plan to the next.

You might also notice the brand new templates. These templates make it easier to find important information.

Watch for PURA Deadline Filings

PURA requires utilities and energy retailers to comply with HB 6526 in just a few days. The good news is that customers expect switching providers to get easier and more affordable. They will also get more information in their plans, notices, and bills about what they can expect. Lastly, customers should check out any documents or emails from their providers coming in the next few weeks.

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