Best 24 Month Green Electric Rate In New Haven, CT

Save money on your monthly bills with competitively priced renewable energy in New Haven!
Check out this CT green electricity provider and their 24 month plan. Yes, you can save money on your monthly bills with competitively priced renewable energy in New Haven!

Choosing Fixed 100% Green Electric Rate

Many energy shoppers want to choose renewable energy electric plans for their homes. But many of these plans have high supply charges that makes the choice to go green difficult for many homes. That’s why when we find a green energy plan that’s really worth your time, we have to talk about it.

24 Month Fixed Green Electric Rate in New Haven

After searching through the electric supplier rates 2019 has to offer, we have discovered Constellation’s 24 Month Green Home Power Plan. Though the plan is powered by renewable energy certificates from wind power producers, that means you’re still supporting green energy. You’ll also get 100% renewable power for your home at a fixed rate for 24 months.

Certainly, most customers are cautious about committing to a 2 year service term. That’s because some other company could come along and offer lower rates, better customer service, and more generous terms and conditions. That’s why we recommend choosing to sign up with Connecticut  energy companies that rate highly with their customers.

Constellation has has over 580 logged reviews, more than double their higher ranked competitors combined. Customers rate Constellation as the 4th best company in Connecticut with an average review score of 3.35 stars. Many cite Constellation charges lower rates, offered prompt customer service, and provided a better experience then they were used to with other companies.

So if other customers say that Constellation is a company you can trust, then the 24 Month Green Home Power Plan sounds like a safer choice.

Compare This New Haven Green Electric Rate

We know that when you choose an electricity supplier for your home, cost is your first consideration. Once it was true that 100% green power plans tended to cost more than conventional fossil fueled plans. However, when you look at the available New Haven electric rates, this plan is one of the most affordable plans in the UI service area with a supply charge of 8.99¢ per kWh. This deal beats out all the comparable term plans. That even includes the 12 month plans by as much as 1-3 cents per kWh.

But how much can you expect to pay? Using the EIA 2017 estimated average monthly residential electric usage of 690 kWh, an average New Haven home would see a monthly supply charge of about $62.031.

While Constellationdoes charge a $50 early termination fee like many of their competitors, their terms and conditions also guarantee a 90 day period where you can cancel at no fees making this a lower risk offer than most other plans.

Is Constellation the Best 24 Month Green Electric Supplier?

Selecting the right fixed green electric rate is always challenging. But when you want lower rates from a company with better customer service, you can’t go wrong with the Constellation 24 Month Green Home Power Plan. Because guaranteed pricing is never the wrong choice. You can learn more by checking out

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