How to Avoid a CT Electricity Scam

CT energy customers will usually get hit up by one electricty scam at some time. Find out how you can avoid being fooled by knowing what to look for.

Watch Out For CT Electricity Scam

An electricity scam can come over the phone or at your door. Find out what you need to know to avoid being fooled and robbed.
Don’t let an electricity scam fool you this spring! Learn what you need to know to be sure you’re getting the real deal when you shop for cheap rates in CT.

It’s impossible to deny that CT electricity is expensive. Especially with electricity rates seemingly on the rise. This leads to CT customers shopping for better rates and sometimes they run into scams. Let’s talk about how you can avoid a CT electricity scam.

CT Electric Scams Rising?

PURA recently posted a draft report on electric competition for 2022. Between January and June, over 139,000 Eversource customers switched to energy suppliers. Some 45,000 UI customers also signed up with an energy supplier. Most of these customers saved money on their electricity. But over 25% of them ended up paying more than basic service rates. And many of these over-payers came from vulnerable communities of color.

While exact numbers haven’t been posted, the report notes that complaints against suppliers rose from 149 in 2021 to 155 in 2022. And last year, many CT customers were shopping for better rates to deal with high electricity bills. So it may be possible that many of these over-paying customers were actually scammed.

Recognize CT Electricity Scam

While there’s no way to identify every scam, most have common, recognizable elements.

  • Alternate Payment Method: Scammers will often ask you to make non-standard payments. This includes wire transfers, Venmo, and similar services. Never do this, because these payments are hard to impossible to refund.
  • Unexpected Visits: Scammers that impersonate utility works will drop by unannounced to startle you into falling for their tricks. Especially for “energy consultation fee” scams. Utility employees will never drop by unannounced. They will always schedule visits ahead of time.
  • Urgency: Scams often fall apart if you take a moment to think about them. Scammers will try and threaten you to take action fast. For example, they might claim that utility workers are on the way to shut off your power unless you pay immediately. Shut offs in CT don’t work that way — so don’t fall for it.

Remember, you can always demand identification from anyone who drops by. Utility employees will always have their ID and papers on them. You can also call your utility to double check anything going on. Also, never show your electricity bill to a sales representative at your door. It contains your customer information. A scammer can use it to switch you without your approval (called “slamming“).

How to Report Scams

But what do you do if you believe you have been scammed? First, contact your utility as soon as possible to alert them to the situation. They will tell you what they can do to help limit how badly the scam can hurt you. Report it to the police, as well. Next, you should be sure to file a report with the FTC. If possible, be sure to give them as much info as possible:

  • Scammer contact information (Phone number, email addresses, etc.)
  • Copies of any mailers or emails
  • Detailed account of the scam

Stay Safe From Electricity Scam

Electricity rates causes high energy bills. So CT customers are always on the hunt for better deals. Scammers try to take advantage by misrepresenting themselves or switching you without your approval. But staying calm and keeping an eye out should protect you and your money.

Be sure to shop for great plans and find ways to save money on lower electricity rates at Plus remember to come back here for the news that affects your CT electricity bills.

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