Energy Audits Save on CT Heating Bills

Attic too warm? Find out how energy audits can help you cut your energy usage and reduce your monthly CT electricty bills.

Save On Your CT Heating Bills

Energy audits can help you stop wasting energy and cut your CT utility bills. Find how you can get started and save more!
Find out how energy audits can help you save on your monthly utility bills. Learn how to get started plus other great tips to help you save more on your CT Heating Bills.

CT has a massive electricity rates problem. High heating demands and rising costs are making for an expensive start to the new year. That’s why now is the time to save energy and reduce energy usage. And DIY energy audits may show you how to save on your heating bills.

Consider DIY Energy Audits

In 2021, CT used an average of 713 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy per month. Based on this and current basic supply rates, Eversource customers would pay about $172 per month on electricity generation, UI customers pay about $156 per month. That means average annual generation supply costs run from $1,800 to over $2,000.

Now consider that nearly 10%-20% ($200-$400) of these costs come from waste caused by drafts, leaks, and poor insulation. Most homes could shave up to a fifth off their high electricity bills if they fix these issues. And home energy audits find these issues and lead to improved energy efficiency.

DIY Energy Audit Checklist

Use this checklist to get you started with your DIY audit plan.

  • Cheapest Heating and Cooling

Do you have an older furnace or heat pump? Today’s heat pump systems can save up to 50% when compared to furnaces and baseboard heaters.

  • Water Heating Savings

Most homes use 20% of their energy on water heating alone. So it helps cut costs if you upgrade to new energy efficient systems. In fact, you can save up to $300 a year if you upgrade to an Energy Star water heater.

  • Insulate

Well-insulated homes keep heat in during the winter and out during the summer. So be sure to check your insulation, especially in your attic. Upgrading your insulation can keep you comfy and save you up to 10% on your annual energy bills.

  • Switch To Smart Thermostats

Did you know you can cut your energy bills by up to 10% a year by setting back your thermostat 8 hours every day? Consider doing this while you’re sleeping or away from home, so you’re comfy when you need it. If you buy a programmable thermostat, you can program in a schedule that will take care of the set backs automatically.

  • Choose Energy-Efficient Windows

Poorly sealed windows can cause around 25% of your summer and winter heat gains and losses. This makes your heating and cooling systems run longer. Window upgrades can save you up to 12% on annual energy costs.

Professional Energy Audits

As you can guess, a DIY energy audit doesn’t provide as much information as a professional energy audit. Because professional audits use tools that most homes don’t have. They also cover potential energy leak sources that DIY homeowners might not catch. These professional audits usually cost between $450-$2000 dollars depending on your home. So they may not be feasible for every budget.

You can also consider contacting your local utility for free home energy assessments. Both UI and Eversource offer audits that will cover the easiest ways you can save energy and money.

Audit For Biggest Energy Savings

CT customers are paying some of the highest electricity rates in the country. But you can cut costs with simple energy upgrades and cutting back on energy waste and usage. And a DIY energy audit can show you how.

You can keep up with the news that affects your bills at You can also shop for great plans and find ways to save money on lower electricity rates.

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