Connecticut Grid Ready for Typical Summer

Find out how reliable CT's grid will be this summer!

Connecticut Grid and Summer Heat

Is the CT grid ready for summer heat? Find out if the New England grid can stand the hot, hazy, and humid summer weather!
Almost every electric grid in the country already straining in the early summer heat. Find out how reliable CT’s grid will be and what you can do to help!

Back in April, we talked about how Connecticut energy customers could prepare for possible blackouts. These concerns came from predictions of a hot and humid summer and the potential for summer storms. But Connecticut electricity customers have some good news coming their way! The Connecticut grid may be ready for the summer.

How the Grid Manages Demand

The good news comes from an ISO New England (ISO NE) electricity supply report. According to the report, there is enough electricity to meet expected summer demands. This means that if cooling demands don’t spike, Connecticut will be fine this summer.

But as you can guess, when the heat rises too high, then cooling demand rises as well. And that causes more than potential rate spikes. It could also can lead to temporary shut-offs or rolling black outs. Also remember that CT biggest generator, the Millstone Power Station in Waterford, uses water to cool its nuclear reactors. A heat wave could raise water temperature to a level that would require the plant to shut down temporarily. That scenario is considered a remote possibility, but an extended heat wave would result in increased demand and fuel supply problems that could also affect available power.

ISO New England Grid

Let’s take a step back and talk about what ISO NE does.

They mention performing three critical roles on their website: operation, market administration, and system planning. ISO NE operates the grid, sending energy to customers who need it. They also manage the sale and purchase of energy to keep prices as competitive as possible. Finally, ISO NE studies energy trends. This helps to solve potential problems for matching supply and demand.

Help Connecticut Grid This Summer

Despite the good news, energy customers should still be careful. As mentioned, high energy demands could tax the system and lead to blackouts or rate spikes. In fact, Eversource is recommending that customers take these energy efficiency steps.

  • Consider adjusting your thermostat
    Your temperature settings play a huge role in your energy usage. Keeping things around 78 degrees tends to be the best. But you can see for yourself by using this cooling calculator from Eversource.
  • Sign up for a home energy performance assessment. A certified technician will check out your home to see where you can save money and energy. They will even do on-the-spot improvements, like sealing up drafty doors, to help keep the heat out.
  • Take advantage of Kill a Watt electricity usage meters. You can use these devices to figure out how much power your devices use. Best of all, you can borrow these devices from nearly 200 participating libraries around the state.

And don’t forget to check out our energy-saving tips.

Is the Connecticut Grid Summer-Ready?

If summer cooling demands remain at an expected level, then the grid should be fine. However, we may be looking at a hot and humid summer, which could cause problems. So start saving energy now to help protect the grid. We’ll keep an eye out on this story as it develops.

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