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Lock in cheap fixed electricity rates in New Haven, CT. Learn about provider reviews and compare their prices apples to apples!
UI raising your rates? Be ready to be amazed at the savings! Learn how to shop for cheap electricity rates in New Haven, CT!

Shop Better Electric Rates

With the busiest holidays out of the way, most of your decorations are back in winter storage. You might be thinking you’re free and clear of additional monthly expenses. But if you haven’t searched for better electric rates in New Haven, you could be throwing good money down the drain.

Last November, United Illuminating announced that default service rates were increasing to 10.5607¢ per kWh, starting this month and lasting into June. That means, according to this EIA 2018 Average Monthly Bill report estimate of 724 kWh used by Connecticut residents, you would be paying about $76.46 on generation charges alone!

Not only can smart shopping give you better electric rates, it can also help you find impressive rewards programs. So let’s take a look at three 12-month electric plans that could save you money this year.

Cheapest 12 Month Electricity in New Haven

Public Power is one of the best rated energy companies in Connecticut and after checking out their 12-month fixed plan, it’s easy to see why. At 9.70¢ per kWh, the average CT resident could pay about $70.22 on their energy bill. That’s $6.24 less than the UI standard rate. Subscription to the company’s plan also links you up with the Power Perks program, that offers shopping deals online or at retailers. Rebates go up to $40. These include a power-up bonus once you earn $25 with their program that can be redeemed for shopping cards.

Risk Free Green Electric Rates

Verde Energy offers their Clean Power 12 plan, an excellent electric plan for energy shoppers that demand green energy for their homes. For  9.99¢ per kWh, you could have 100% renewable energy in your home. That’s a a monthly generation charge of about $72.33; a $4.13 drop from the UI rate. Their customers will also enjoy the Verde Energy Rewards program that offers daily gift card giveaways and discounts on shopping, dining, and hospitality retailers. Best of all, there’s no early termination fee, meaning you can always switch if you find a better deal later this year.

Top Rated Electricity Rates and Rewards

Xoom Energy offers customers an excellent 12-month plan for 10.29¢ per kWh with their SureLock 12 plan. The average CT resident might pay a generation charge of about $74.50, a savings of $1.96 over UI. Past customers appreciate the customer service this top rated energy company offers. Subscribers will also appreciate the Xoom Energy Rewards program that offers a chance at daily gift card giveaways for up to $500 as well as shopping, dining, and hospitality discounts.

Which Electric Plan is Right for You?

Shopping for the right electric plan is vital to keep you from wasting money, especially with the price increase New Haven electricity customers would have to deal with if they stay with UI. Choosing the right service depends on what’s most important to you between cost, customer service, and renewable energy. Public Power’s 12-month fixed plan offers the lowest generation charges and a perks program that powers up the more you use it. Verde Energy’s Clean Power 12 plan is cheap and risk-free 12-month green energy plan in New Haven that also offers a great rewards program. Xoom Energy is a top-rated company that offers competitively priced SureLock 12 plan that would save you money compared to UI as well as locks you in to their rewards program. You can learn more about pricing and energy shopping by comparing rates and plans at

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