Cheap Fixed Electric Supplier Rates in New Haven

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Not all homeowners want to commit to plan that lasts for one year. Swtich now to a 9 month fixed plan and save money!
Not all homeowners want to commit to plan that lasts for one year. We hear you! That’s why we also list 9 month plans! Switch now to a lower rate and save!

Choose A Cheaper Electric Supplier

If you haven’t shopped an electric supplier website for cheap CT electric rates this season, then you could be paying way more than you should. Early this past November, United Illuminating (UI) announced that they were increasing service rates about 25% from 8.35¢ to 10.4432¢ per kWh. That means over $75 on CT’s average monthly bill, compared to last year’s $60.45 average generation costs alone!

But New Haven residents have great options for lowering costs.

Cheapest 9-month 2020 Electricity Rates

When most families shop for the best electric rates in town, price is the top consideration. That’s why Constellation is on top of many shopper’s lists this season. Their 9 Month Home Power Plan charges a 7.69¢ supply rate for New Haven customers, which averages to $55.67 (about $20 less than UI). There is also a $50 early termination fee. These fees are compensated with a quality referral program. Every sign up, gives you and your friends a $50 gift card.

Per the Terms of Service (TOS), Constellation will send notice of renewal fixed-rate terms within the last 30 – 60 days of the initial term. Don’t like the renewal fixed-rate terms? Then cancel within 7 days of your first bill at no penalty or fee.

Compare Electric Supplier Plans

Some electricity companies offer multiple plans for the same service term length. Customers have to dig in to the details to find the right ones for them. That’s the case with two plans from Starion Energy that might interest New Haven residents.

The cheaper option is the competitively priced Starion Secure 9 plan. This plan charges a supply rate of 7.89¢ per kWh, or about $57.12 per month (about $18 less than UI). The pricier option is the EcoGreen Secure 9 plan. Your home will be powered with renewable energy sources at a rate of  8.19¢ per kWh. Most residents end up paying a monthly average of $59.29  (about $15.71 less than UI).

Two big benefits compensate for the higher rates compared to competing plans. The Starion Rewards program offers shopping and travel savings and gift cards Subscribers can also switch at any time risk-free since neither plan charges early termination fees.

The terms of service and contact summaries don’t specify how your plans will renew. Carefully read the renewal terms offered in the last 30-60 days of the initial term. This protects you from potential variable terms or rates.

Best Electric Supplier & Rates

Smart energy shopping is all about finding the best deal for your needs. Since UI is charging 25% more than last year, switching to a 9 month plan may be the best money decision you can make. But choosing the best energy plan depends on your needs. Constellation’s 9 Month Home Power plan offers the lowest rates and one of the best referral programs. Starion Energy’s Starion Secure 9 plan offers competitive pricing and a great shopper’s rewards program. Starion Energy’s EcoGreen Secure 9 plan is ideal if you are willing to pay a little more for renewable energy sources. You can learn more about saving money and energy by comparing rates and plans at

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