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Cancellation fee

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  Great Mntn Energy charged a fee for early cancellation when my electricity was never cancelled. Spoke to 3 supervisors all giving different information and my acct was drafted 352.86, leaving me with no money. I was advised a refund was processed, that was a lie. I was told the investigation would be completed before the due date, if not just pay normal balance due. Also told no refund until the investigation is complete. I was told lies, givin false information and still no refund processed. I'm very unhappy with the service received by this company. How can you charge for something you did not do, something which never happened. Also told this happens all the time. Their processes do NOT work!!

June 12th, 2023

This isn't the experience we want for our loyal customers. We apologize for the billing issues and would like the chance to address them. Please email us at with your account #, REF #1788 and additional information.

Green Mountain Energy Responds June 21st, 2023
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