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Eversource energy charges will rise on January 1. Cut the cost of your CT electric rates! Buy a cheap electricity plan for your family's needs.
Save on CT electric rates next year by shopping now while rates are still low. Remember that Eversource rates go up on January 1, 2021.

Shop Cheap Electric Rates Now

We’re less than two months away from the end of the year. That means new Eversource electric rates are set to rise on January 1, 2021. If you want to hold down you electric bills next year, that means Hartford residents should secure better electricity rates now.

Compare Eversource Electric Rates 2020

Energy shoppers know that it’s important to compare current and upcoming utility rates when shopping for energy provider plans. To help us compare, we can look at Eversource’s current and upcoming generation rates. These rates can be compared to the estimated kilowatt per hour (kWh) in CT according to this average monthly bill report which says the average CT resident uses an average of 689 kWh of power per month. The current Eversource rate of 7.375 cents per kWh means an average generation charge of about $50.81. After December 31, these rates rise to 8.391 cents per kWh. This means the average generation charge rises to about $57.81.

Keep these estimates in mind as you shop to avoid high CT electricity bills.

Cheapest Electric Rates In Hartford

Xoom Energy’s SureLock 12 plan offers 12-months of electricity for a 7.39 cents per kWh rate. This rate equals a monthly charge of about $50.91, which, compared to Eversource in January, saves nearly $7 a month. Xoom Energy customers can also take advantage of the Xoom Energy Rewards program for shopping, dining, and travel discounts.

According to the contract summary, the plan will renew into a fixed-rate product at the end of the initial term unless you switch or cancel.

Best Green Electric Rates

Xoom Energy’s SimpleClean 12 plan is the best option if you want renewable energy as part of your energy plan. Up to half of the energy you use from this plan will come from renewable sources. With the 7.59 cents per kWh rate, that means up to half of the average $52.29 generation charge will come from renewable green energy sources. Customers subscribing to this plan also benefit from the Xoom Energy Rewards program.

Cheap Electric Rates With Excellent Benefits

Starion Energy’s Starion Secure 12 plan comes with a competitive 7.69 cents per kWh rate. This means that the average Hartford resident will see a monthly generation charge of about $53. Starion Energy adds value to the plan with its incredible rewards program. The Starion Rewards program offers up to $1,200 in savings per year including six-month bonus rewards such as gift cards or rebates.

The plan has no early termination fee, so customers are safe to cancel or switch for better deals at any time.

Best Electric Rates For Animal Lovers

Xoom Energy’s RescueLock 12 plan is an excellent choice for Hartford residents who want to help animal charities. The plan charges a 7.79 cents per kWh rate, which averages to a monthly generation charge of about $54. Xoom Energy transfers 12.5% of this generation charge as a donation to PetSmart charities.

All other Xoom Energy benefits apply to customers, including renewal into a new fixed-rate product and the Xoom Energy Rewards program.

Best Energy Plan For Frequent Travelers

Xoom Energy’s SureLock 12 – Airline Rewards plan is an excellent choice for frequent flyers and travelers. The plan’s 7.79 cents per kWh rate equals a monthly generation charge of about $54. Hartford residents can earn 10,000 airline miles/points through American Airlines AAdvantage or Southwest Rapid Rewards after their first two months of service. Customers also receive 2 miles/points for every $1 spent on the supply portion of their electric bills. All other Xoom Energy rewards and benefits apply.

Choosing the right electricity plan for you

Each of these plans will save you money compared to Eversource after the January 2021 rate hike. But choosing the right plan for you depends on your specific needs. Xoom Energy’s SureLock 12 offers the cheapest rates. The Xoom Energy SimpleClean 12 plan is the most affordable way to support the green energy initiative. Starion Energy’s Starion Secure 12 plan has one of the best customer rewards programs around. If you want to support pet and animal charities, then you can’t go wrong with Xoom Energy’s RescueLock 12 plan. Lastly, customers who expect frequent travel, may benefit the most from Xoom Energy’s SureLock 12 – Airline Rewards plan.

You can also learn more about saving money and energy by comparing rates and plans at


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