Best Green Electric Plan Bargain In Danbury

Shop these green electric bargain plans and help fight climate change! Knowing your usage can help you cut your bill, too.
Unless the world cuts back on carbon, our world will be in serious trouble. But Danbury residents can pitch in by shopping these great green electric bargain plans!

Green Electricity Reduce Carbon Emissions

Earlier this month, the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) convened to discuss the growing issue of climate change. And their conclusions paint a dire picture. Unless the world cuts back on carbon, our world will be in serious trouble. However, Danbury customers can do their part by switching to green electricity rates. Check out the best green electric plan bargain in Danbury.

Consider CT Energy Usage

Danbury customers might be on the fence about green electricity plans, especially if they want to avoid high CT electricity bills. But you can save money and save energy if you know how much energy you’ll likely need.

To do that, according to this average monthly bill report, a CT resident uses about 711 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy per month. Because of this usage, Eversource customers pay a total about $101 in distribution charges per month:

Eversource Residential Delivery Service Charges (October 1, 2021)
Charge Name Rate per kWh Total Charge per
711 kWh used per Month
Distribution Customer Service Charge (fixed per month charge) $9.62
Distribution Charge $0.05844 $41.55
Electric System Improvements Charge $0.00582 $4.138
Revenue Adjustment Mechanism $0.00162 $1.15182
Transmission Charge $0.03266 $23.22126
Combined Public Benefits Charge $0.01536 $10.92096
FMCC Delivery Charge $0.01585 $11.26935
Competitive Transition Assessment Charge -$0.00116 – $0.82476
TOTAL Monthly Delivery Service Charge



If you know your average monthly usage, you can not only use it calculate your monthly delivery charges but also how much you’ll pay for your supply charges. This way, when you shop for a green electric bargain, you can estimate how much a particular plan might really cost you each month.

To see how much you can save right now, let’s compare green electric bargain plans right now from these third-party energy companies in Danbury. Remember that there’s  no early termination fees (ETFs) anymore, so you can cancel or switch for better green deals that might come down the line.

Cheapest Long-Term Green Electricity Rates

If you’re looking for the cheapest long-term green energy, then Verde Energy is worth checking out. Their Clean Power 24 plan has a 43.59 cents per kWh supply charge, which averages to a supply charge of about $96 (or roughly $197 with distribution charges). In addition to 100% clean energy in your home, customers can also benefit from the Verde Energy Rewards program for shopping and dining discounts.

On the other hand, CT customers might consider Major Energy instead. Their Secure Green Choice 24 plan has a 13.69 cents per kWh supply charge. Because of this rate, CT customers can expect to pay about $97 per month on supply charges ($198 with distribution charges included). Customers can enjoy 100% green energy, not to mention the shopping and dining discounts from the Major Energy Rewards program.

Best 12-Month Fixed Rates

Right now, Verde Energy’s Clean Power 24 plan is the best long term deal. However, if you’re considering a shorter term length, then these plans might be up your alley.

Verde Energy’s Clean Power 12 plan offers similar benefits with their 24 month fixed rate. The supply charge is 13.69 cents per kWh, which averages to supply charges of about $97 per month ($198 with distribution charges). Customers can still enjoy the benefits of the rewards program.

Similarly, Major Energy’s Secure Green Choice 12 plan provides green energy for 13.79 cents per kWh. This averages to supply charges of about $98 per month (or $199 per month with distribution charges included). And customers can take advantage of their rewards program.

Choosing the Best Green Electric Bargain

According to COP26, the world has to cut back on carbon to mitigate the effects of climate change. But Danbury customers can help by doing their part and switching to green electricity.

You can also learn more about saving money and energy by comparing rates and plans at

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