CT Electric Rate Hikes Start

Reduce your summer cooling costs and still save during these CT electric rate hikes!

Beat CT Electric Rate Hike

Electric rate hikes in CT are making everyone angry. Don't let them burn up your savings this summer! Check out these tips to reducing your AC cooling costs!
Don’t let electric rate hikes in CT burn through your wallet. Find out how to reduce your cooling costs this summer and save on your electricity bills.

It should be no surprise that CT’s electricity rates are spiking. Several factors are causing greater energy demand during a hot and rainy summer. However, we’re all about saving money on electricity and there are easy options available. Let’s figure out how to reduce the effect of these CT electric rate hikes.

CT’s New PTC Electric Rates

The new Price to Compare (PTC) rates have gone into effect on July 1, 2022. And they will remain until December 31, 2022. They are as follows:

  • Eversource rates are 12.05 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh).
  • United Illuminating rates are 10.62 cents per kWh.

Eversource’s rates are a staggering 72% higher than last year’s July-December rate. And UI’s rates are 33% higher than their rates from the same period.

What’s Causing Electric Rate hikes?

The summer heat isn’t the only reason electric rates are on the rise. Pipeline constraints make it hard for New England’s gas-fired plants to get the gas they need to run. And while liquified natural gas (LNG) can be brought to three terminals in Boston, it’s more expensive and capacity is limited. And according to the Consumer Counsel for the State of Connecticut, the war in Ukraine is partially to blame. Russia has been the largest exporter of natural gas to Europe. And sanctions have led to higher global prices and increased demand. Which is a problem when natural gas is the source for about 38% of US electricity generation in the US.

How AC Affects Electricity Bills

A 2018 EIA energy report stating 12% of US home energy usage comes from air conditioning. However, in hot and humid regions, this can rise to as much as 27%. Which means limiting AC usage may be the best strategy to lowering costs.

Four Tips to Lower Electric Costs

  • Update or Replace Windows

Drafty windows without energy efficient coatings can account for 25% – 30% of heating and cooling use. So it’s important to check your windows and consider sealing or replacing them. If you do replace your windows, look for windows with a low U-factor and low Solar Heat Gain. Lower numbers mean more heat stays in during the winter and stays out during the summer.

  • Install a Programmable Thermostat

Did you know you could save up to 10% a year by turning back your thermostat 7 to 8 degrees for 8 hours of the day. And an automatic thermostat can do that for you like clockwork. So you can have the heat down while you’re sleeping or out at the job.

  • Install a Ceiling Fan

According to the Department of Energy, a good ceiling fan can keep you cool for cheaper. However, ceiling fans work best when the blades are 7-9 feet from the floor and 10-12 inches below the ceiling. If possible, go for an Energy Star certified ceiling fans.

  • Replace HVAC Air Filters

When you do have to use your AC, make sure it’s working at peak efficiency. And the best way to do that is to clean and replace its air filters. According to the Department of Energy, clean air filters make AC units use 5% to 15% less energy.

AC Usage Affects Electric Bills

Electricity rates are significantly higher than they were at this time, last year. So now’s the time to cut costs even while staying cool and comfy. The tips above are just some of the ways you can save money.

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