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This graph shows the lowest  rates for Westport
Rates as of 1/14/2019

Rate Plan / Provider Term
9.59 ¢ per kWh Direct Energy

Live Brighter 12
12 months
9.59 ¢ per kWh Constellation

36 Month Home Power Plan
36 months
9.89 ¢ per kWh Constellation

24 Month Green Home Power Plan
24 months
9.89 ¢ per kWh Direct Energy

Live Brighter 18
18 months
9.91 ¢ per kWh Public Power

36 Month Fixed
36 months
10.22 ¢ per kWh Public Power

24 Month Fixed
24 months
10.39 ¢ per kWh Constellation

12 Month Green Home Power Plan
12 months
10.80 ¢ per kWh Public Power

12 Month Fixed
12 months
11.25 ¢ per kWh XOOM Energy

RescueLock 12
12 months
11.29 ¢ per kWh Constellation

6 Month Home Power Plan
6 months

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Reviews from Westport:

They did not inform me they were doubling the costs of the electric

(1 / 5)

  Once I discovered they were doubling the costs, i call them and they refused to lower it so I found another company that was reasonable and signed up with them. When Spark found out that wanted to negotiate with me, I sand, "no". you had your chance your customer service dept. wanted to see who would blink first.

I didn't care, that is not customer service, just like North American Power. We don't blink. 

Customer Disservice
May 7th, 2018

Updated: 01-15-2019
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