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This graph shows the lowest  rates for Orange
Rates as of 5/20/2019

Rate Plan / Provider Term
8.09 ¢ per kWh Constellation

6 Month Home Power Plan
6 months
8.57 ¢ per kWh Public Power

6 Month Fixed
6 months
8.69 ¢ per kWh Verde Energy

Guaranteed Choice 6
6 months
9.09 ¢ per kWh Constellation

36 Month Home Power Plan
36 months
9.29 ¢ per kWh Verde Energy

Guaranteed Choice 12
12 months
9.29 ¢ per kWh Constellation

9 Month Home Power Plan
9 months
9.39 ¢ per kWh Public Power

36 Month Fixed
36 months
9.39 ¢ per kWh Verde Energy

Guaranteed Choice 24
24 months
9.57 ¢ per kWh Public Power

24 Month Fixed
24 months
9.59 ¢ per kWh Constellation

24 Month Green Home Power Plan
24 months
9.79 ¢ per kWh Constellation

30 Month Electricity Plan + Starter Package
30 months
9.89 ¢ per kWh Public Power

12 Month Fixed
12 months
9.99 ¢ per kWh XOOM Energy

SureLock 12
12 months
10.29 ¢ per kWh Constellation

12 Month Green Home Power Plan
12 months
10.85 ¢ per kWh XOOM Energy

RescueLock 12
12 months
10.95 ¢ per kWh XOOM Energy

SimpleClean 12
12 months

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Reviews from Orange:

Worst customer service ever

(1.8 / 5)

  Have been without power for six days. Called o and r the lady on the phone was very unprofessional kept arguing with me that the electrian needs to check home first. I explained to her several times that he did and that was told to contact o and r to fix the problems. Needless to say the lady acted like if she was the electrician and that I was wrong and that had to contact the landlord and electrician. I did landlord sent out another electrician who came and said the same this no power to meter o and r has to come and do their job and fix the problem. Contacted o and r came two guys came both with attitude havent even seen the meter issue yet. Went to basement fixed the issue. The one of the guys threw some light thing in my hand and said give this to your electrician because he dont know what hes doing then ran out. I swear this was the worst customer service I have ever experienced and I will not forget it. You suck orange and Rockland not a satisfied customer. You get a big 0 from me.  

Crystal wakefield
July 30th, 2018

So rude

(1.8 / 5)

  I have never experienced such rude treatment over the phone before for just asking a question. We are cancelling today.  

Rene Moscot
April 22nd, 2013


(1 / 5)

  After signing up I was told I had to pay $159 fee. 

September 16th, 2018

TXU is comparing apples to oranges

(0 / 5)

  So I recently switched to the free nights plan, thinking I would save money. When I was comparing their advertised rate based on my current usage the rate was 13 cents per kilowatt hour. With my current provider the rate I was paying was 11.4 cents. What I didn't realize was that I was comparing my current providers rate which had the TDU energy fee all ready rolled into the price of the kilowatt per hour rate. TXU does not include this fee which was an additional $75 for my current bill. With this fee not factored into their advertised rate the per/kilowatt rate would actually be .03 cents more. On top of that I was actually billed over 16 cents from TXU per kilowatt vs the 13 cents found on their website. When you factor in free nights my bill for the month was $70 more than it would have been with my previous provider First Choice Provider. So in what crazy world would it make any sense to get free nights and still pay more money! Their customer rep will rebut with some BS about 25% savings for those who can shift their usage to night to save etc. It's all garbage! When I called the customer rep about this he tried to lecture me on how the TDU charges work and that my previous provider wasn't reflecting the TDU charges on my bill which I said I don't care how it's reflected I was still paying less. The rep switched me to another guy who said he could get me on another plan. I said I was switching back to First Choice who advertised 10.7 cents (that's with the TDU fees included) locked rate for 12 months. He said he could put me on the 12 cents locked in rate but failed to mention I would still have to pay the TDU fee which would be an additional .03 cents per kilowatt (fee was $75 for @ 2000 kilowatts). This would make my average rate = 15 cents, when First Choice rate had already factored in the TDU charge and was only 10.7 which was their bottom line. For comparison my TXU bill for 2000 kilowatts was roughly $315, First Choice would have only cost me $214. So this is where TXU mind F$?!@s you, for easy math I used a total of 2000 kilowatts, of the 2000 kilowatts about 500 kilowatts was used during the "free nights" time frame (25%) go figure. So on the bill I was charged for 1500 kilowatts @ 16 cents which was $240 (website currently says 13 cents). Then they added $75 TDU fee on top of the $240. But on my bill they said that I paid an average usage rate of 12 cents. What they did to calculate that number was to take the total usage 2000 kilowatts and divided it into the $240. When you factor in the TDU service fee on top of that (which they don't) the average actually jumps up to 15.75 cents per kilowatts. I switched my service back to First Choice, I will never do business with TXU ever again. If they try to hit me with a $300 early cancelation fee they will have to sue me to see another penny! I have never felt this deceptive in my entire life. At least with companies like AT&T you go in knowing your going to get screwed, I never seen this one coming! Bottom line is they remove their TDU service fee from their advertised rates so when you are comparing prices you are comparing the price of apples and oranges. 

Bonedriver (B-1 Pilot)
August 20th, 2014

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