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This graph shows the lowest  rates for Lakeside
Rates as of 1/14/2019

Rate Plan / Provider Term
9.59 ¢ per kWh Direct Energy

Live Brighter 12
12 months
9.59 ¢ per kWh Constellation

36 Month Home Power Plan
36 months
9.89 ¢ per kWh Constellation

24 Month Green Home Power Plan
24 months
9.89 ¢ per kWh Direct Energy

Live Brighter 18
18 months
9.91 ¢ per kWh Public Power

36 Month Fixed
36 months
10.22 ¢ per kWh Public Power

24 Month Fixed
24 months
10.39 ¢ per kWh Constellation

12 Month Green Home Power Plan
12 months
10.80 ¢ per kWh Public Power

12 Month Fixed
12 months
11.29 ¢ per kWh Constellation

6 Month Home Power Plan
6 months

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Reviews from Lakeside:

Deceptive Trade Practices

(1.8 / 5)

  I have been a Green Mountain Energy customer for almost 6 years (since December 2008). They had high prices from the beginning; but I originally accepted that, based upon the fact that I was buying renewable energy. However, beginning last summer (2013), the prices (month-to-month, no contract) began to skyrocket. As such, I selected a six month contract that literally cut my bill in half. When the six month contract expired, I checked the options for renewal. The Electricity Facts Label (EFL) of the month-to-month plan showed lower pricing than any of the contracts (with significant termination fees). I decided to keep the month-to-month; but wiser for wear, I would closely monitor the price (by checking the Electricity Facts Label for my current plan regularly on their website). The pricing was in accordance with the EFL for two months after the contract expired. When my bill increased by $0.02/kWh on the third month, I checked the EFL, it had not changed. What was I missing? It was a busy month, I didn't look deeper. Now, on my most recent billing cycle, the price has been raised by another $0.02/kWh ($0.04/kWh higher than the EFL states). OK, I smell something rotten. The EFL states that "this price is the price that will be applied during your first billing cycle; this price may change in subsequent months at the sole discretion of Green Mountain." Well, that is to be expected, the contract is month-to-month; but, the EFL will change when the price changes, right? Wrong! As stated in the EFL: "For information about the current price, you may call us at 1-866-785-4668." This is not a phone number dedicated to updating you with current pricing; it is simply their customer "service" phone number. There are no automated options to check your pricing. Basically you have to talk to a customer service representative (CSR). OK, I'm a long time customer; they will be able to work something out that makes me happy, right? Wrong! Speaking with the CSR, he explains there is nothing he can do. OK, can I speak to someone with more authority? After waiting on hold a few minutes, the same CSR says the only thing that can be done is to sign a new contract. I explain to him that is the last thing I will do without getting some degree of satisfaction. He inquires about what would make me happy. I suggest a rebate. He states that would be impossible. I request an adjustment to this month's bill (there is still one week before payment is due, via auto-pay). No can do. Further, it is explained to me that the only way I can know what I will be charged on a given month is to wait for the bill to arrive. Now, I already know that they will not budge on price adjustment; how can awaiting the bill to check my pricing possibly help me? No explanation is offered as to why the online EFL is not updated; it just isn't, ever, unless you sign a new contract. I explain that amounts to a deceptive trade practice; further, since I am not under contract, I will be leaving Green Mountain Energy. Coming to this website, reading the reviews, I see I am not alone when it comes to Green Mountain not caring about customers. It may not do any good, but I do intend to file a complaint with the Public Utilities Commission (PUC). 

C Giroux
October 3rd, 2014

Updated: 01-20-2019
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