Top 10 Packing Tips for Your CT Move

Don't feel boxed in by stress. Learn now to organize the move to your new home with our 10 tips.

Don’t Stress Over Your CT Move

A move across town or across the state can be a stressful ordeal. Use our moving tips to help get you organized and ready.
It can be a stressful mess when you move in CT. But you can’t hide from all what you need to get done. Use our moving tips to help get you organized and ready to go to your new home.

Spring time is the busiest season for moving. And moving day can be one of the most stressful parts of home ownership. Packing up, ordering movers, and dealing with final energy bills can take the joy out of the big day. Plus there’s setting up all those new services for water, trash collection, and shopping electric companies to deal with. But moving day doesn’t have to be this way, and it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! Here’s our list of 10 big packing tips for your next CT move.

What To Do Before You Move

  • Figure Out Your Moving Day— Before you do anything else, figure out the exact day for the big move. If possible, give yourself at least one full month to plan ahead.
  • Dump Stuff You Don’t Need— More stuff means more boxes, and more boxes means bigger moving trucks and more expense. Dump the stuff you don’t need.
  • Pack Early, Pack Often— Professional packers can cost between $280 – $2,200! So you might want to do it yourself. If you do, pack room by room over a few weeks.
  • Start Collecting Your Important Papers— You never know when you might need your important papers. This includes medical records, tax documents, and any new address info.
  • Order Moving Services Early— Late spring is one of the busiest times of the year for moving companies. You can get service from the best companies if you call ahead. Some companies even cut deals for early bookings.
  • Call Your Energy Company— If you’re an energy supplier customer, then make sure you give them a call. Many energy companies can transfer services to your new address. Your Terms of Service will explain what happens if they can’t.
  • Call Your Utilities— Contact your old utility and tell them your move-out date so they can shut off services. Then contact your new utility and tell them your move-in date so services can be turned on. According to CT law, if you’ve been a utility customer in CT for more than two years, you won’t have to pay a deposit at the new place, unless your account is “delinquent” because of unpaid bills.

Quick Packing Tips

  • Heavy Below, Light On Top— When you pack, keep your heavy objects on the bottom. This goes for boxes and the box piles when you load up your trucks. Fragile items should be as high as safely possible.
  • Pack Things For The Right Rooms— Consider what rooms your items belong to. Then load and label your boxes appropriately. This makes unpacking easier and far less frustrating.
  • Wrap Up Your Valuable Furniture— Movers will wrap up couches, coffee tables, dressers, and similar furniture. This helps protect them from stains and damage. Be sure to ask movers to wrap up the items you want to protect. If you’re into DIY packing, then you can go cheap with old blankets and duct tape. Don’t forget that plasma TVs and FHD monitors may require special packing materials to keep them safe.

Be Ready For Your CT Move

Moving can be a huge pain. But the tips above should cut back on the stress. Once you arrive, be sure to visit to shop for the cheapest electricity rates in town. You can also count on us for the news that could affect your bills.

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