Your Consumer Rights

Regarding your electricity bill, you are entitled to various consumer rights. These are put in place by the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA). The aim is to help prevent problems from occurring with your utility company. They're restricted from treating your poorly and cannot breach these rights.

If you feel as though your rights have been breached, then you can take it up with PURA. However, it's recommended you speak with the utility company first. This allows you to bring the problem to their customer service team. Sometimes, they may be unaware of what they've done, as it could be a simple mistake on their behalf. By contacting them, you give them a chance to right any wrongs. If the problem is resolved, there's no need for PURA to get involved. But, if you're still dissatisfied, you should contact them and get your issue sorted out, fast.

Here is the list of consumer rights, written by PURA, that all Connecticut energy providers must adhere to:

  • As long as you're financially capable of doing so, you have the right to enter into a contract with a utility service. You must also not owe any money to the company, and provide the correct ID. It's illegal for them to deny service if you fit this classification.

  • It's illegal to be forced to pay unreasonably high deposits for a service. Similarly, the company can't make you pay unbelievably high payments on previous energy bills.

  • You have the right to at least one amortization agreement per year. An amortization agreement is something that allows you to spread the costs of debt.

  • Any complaints you have must be dealt with ASAP by your utility company. Furthermore, you have the right to make any complaints against said company. You also have the right to speak to a supervisor if you aren't satisfied with how the complaint is being handled.

  • Your utility company cannot terminate your service if you're disputing their charges with PURA.

  • You're allowed to have your meter tested, for free, every year by your provider. Your bill may be altered if the test shows your readings are higher or lower than they should be.

These are the main consumer rights that you need to know. If you feel like any of these have been breached, you should make a formal complaint to your supplier.

There are also a couple of key points to know regarding contract termination and medical emergencies.

Termination Of Service

The utility company has the right to terminate your service if you don't pay your bills and fail to keep to a payment schedule. This is why it's important to check CT electricity rates and find a supplier you can afford. The company must give you thirteen days notice before they shut off your electricity supply.

Medical Emergencies

If the termination of a utility service were to create a life threatening situation, it becomes illegal to do so. Companies can't close your service if it leads to a medical emergency.

Remember to speak with your provider if you have any complaints you'd like to make. Only when they aren't resolved should you contact PURA.